“I Play for Fun” – Part Six

I have taken a bit of a break on this project lately and am just starting to get into it a bit, so I am behind on the blogging and the shooting at the moment. I have been asked to get it together though and update the blog. Thank you in advance to those who have been checking in regularly!


I only met Sriyan a few months ago when I started playing basketball in a new league. We bonded over our love of photography.

Sriyan came over to help me with the marathon night of shoots. He helped out with Chris and Deb’s shoots (you can see their photos in previous blogs). Sriyan was a champ! Super helpful and brought great ideas to the table when things were not working as planned. We got some great photos from the other shoots.

When everyone had left, we decided to get Sriyan in for a few photos. This was a challenge for me for three reason:

1. My brain was tired of trying to be creative for the three people ahead of him.

2. I am not overly familiar with his style of play (so this actually provided me with a real-world challenge)

3. He is tall and has long arms that would go out of my backgrounds.

Overall, this was a great challenge for me to push through and come up with something good, even when I felt like I had nothing left in the tank.

Here are some of his photos (starting with the standard shot):

Then we tried to show off some of his basketball skills.

I definitely learned a few things from shooting with Sriyan. Since the whole point of this project is to learn from each subject and pass on what I have learned and hopefully get a few notes from people who see this. I definitely had a few problems of shooting with a black background this time around. Too much light spill but not enough light on my subject.

Overall, Sriyan was an amazing help that day and flat out great to work with overall. I enjoyed working/shooting with him as much as I do play ball with him.

Up Next: Todd

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