Un-Flattering Family – My Dad

I don’t know why I did not ever notice this before, but my most interesting photo subject has been under my nose my whole life. Maybe I did not notice it because the way he take pictures has been the same for my whole life, so it is not something unusual to me.

This is my Dad in everyday photos from when I was a kid:Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 2.43.24 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.22.40 PM

In January, I went to Toronto with my Dad and my brother to visit my Dad’s twin brother.


My Dad and Uncle Keith in Toronto. Jan. 2013.

A strange thing happened after I got back from Toronto. I posted the photo below to my Facebook and Instagram account and could not figure out why so many people ‘liked’ it.


My Dad at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Jan. 2013

Then the other day, it finally hit me. People love pictures of 78-year-old men making faces. So I packed up all my gear and went to his house and took these:

Dad1 Dad2 Dad3 Dad4 Dad5 Dad6 Dad7 Dad9 DadCollageSmall

You are welcome world.

4 thoughts on “Un-Flattering Family – My Dad

  1. I think the world likes to know that you may loose many things as you age but a sense of humor does not have to be one of them.

  2. It’s great to have such a talented and thoughtful daughter. She has made me proud to be part of her life, content and happy to be her father. Great pictures. They reveal what I always wanted to be. “A Goof” …Love it !!!

  3. Hey you captured him!!! You know they always tell writers….write what you know…the same goes for artists. This is really strong work. I guess dad should have been an actor lol. But seriously this is strong work…and that is the artist speaking. The daughter says I am so grateful to you for capturing him so beautifully. One day we will loose him and when we do we will still have these photos…thank you.

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