The Women of the Calgary Rage

I have been waiting for the right moment to finally show off the finished product of my work with the women of the Calgary Rage. Now seems like the right time, since I will be taking on a new project this fall – the women of the Calgary Fillies with the LFL as their official photographer.

The idea for the Rage was to start off by taking portraits of each player individually and to challenge myself to create images that were different that what a standard team headshot would look like. With 32 players on the roster, it was pretty difficult not to repeat poses, so there are some similarities in photos from players who play the same relative position, but within that, I tried to capture the personality of each player – all in a matter of an average of about five minutes with each girl.

Here are the final products of all 32 players on the roster:


#2: Tania Alame – Receiver

Tania, this shoot was fun and you are a striking girl, thank you for your patience in me messing with the paper.


#28: Lesley Armson – Linebacker

Lesley, this is one my favourite photos I have ever taken. You committed to the part I asked you to play, even though we did get some FAB-ulous photos in the process…HA!


#53: Cindy Barnett – O Line

Cindy, such a pro on set!


#15: Jamie Borthwick – Defensive Back

Jamie, it is hard to take a bad photo of you.


#88: Pam Buccini – Receiver

Pam, you committed to this and we got something cool out of it!


#24: Jordan Chappell -Quarterback

Jordan, I can’t wait to see the sleeping giant in you awaken on the field one day!


#14: Sue Childress -Defensive Back

Sue, your eye might say you are friendly to everyone, but I know they are really saying, “I am going to smile while I intercept the ball and run in for a TD, and then do it again to rub it in.”


#34: Kait Dinunzio – Linebacker

Kait, I am SOOO glad we reshot yours. This is STUNNING yet tough. Perfect in my eyes.Doyle1

#47: Alanna Doyle – Linebacker

Alanna, this is a perfect example of badass beauty.


#33: Terri Eklund – Defensive End

Terri, not only are you a great football player, but I think you would make a great photo assistant as well…HA!


#23: Connie Fekete – Defensive Back

Connie, thank you so much for hooking me up with the team. You are the real deal and I am glad to call you a friend.


#70 Jeri Flamont – Linebacker

Jeri, I could not WAIT to shoot this for you. I saved this pose for you because I knew this was you EXACTLY! You can pick up a women twice your size, run her for ten yards and drop her on her ass and walk away like nothing happened. AMAZING!


#12: Lisa Gomes – Running Back

Lisa, this is PERFECT! I know my directions seemed silly, but BAM! I love this.


#56: Jolene Goulard – D Line/Kicker

Jolene, when you almost scored a TD in that game, that was probably one of the best football plays I have ever seen,  and I have seen a lot.


#43: Jessica Guernsey – Defensive Back

Jessica, for only having a few minutes, this is a great photo. Good emotion in the eyes!


#58: Megan Guest – O Line

Megan, maybe next time you will not be injured and we don’t have to worry about you falling off tires! HA!


#3: Esther Hong – Running Back

Esther, you get two photos because I can’t decide on the awesomeness of either of them. You are the best and I am so glad I got to be there for your first TD EVER!


#5: Kora-lea Hooker – Running Back

Kora-lea, I am beyond excited to work with you again!


#44: Whitney Issik – Defensive Back

Whitney, another photographic natural.


#51: Amy Iverson – D Line

Amy, thanks for being brave enough to be one of the first to go!


#9: Ferne Lavers – Tight End

Ferne, there is no way I was not getting these sweet pink shoes in this photo.


#50: Sandy Lawlor – Defensive End

Sandy, if you can bend your own arm like that, I am scared to see what you would do to the other team.


#22: Amanda McKenna -Defensive Back

Amanda, you were probably the easiest shoot of all. You photograph so well, I think I only took three pictures and they were all magic!


#4: Jennifer McLean -Receiver

Jennifer, you make catching a football look soooo easy. I could not decide between these two photos either, and I am excited to working with you again soon!



#7: Tatrina Medvescek-Valentine -Safety

T, you were my last problem child, but you are so pretty that I can’t be mad at you! I am kidding, now relax your jaw…HA!


#54: Tiffany Mochinski – O Line

Tiff, I really think you could have used some eye make up here. Maybe get your nails done too…kidding. I am really enjoying getting to know you and thank you for all the support.

#62: Crystal Pellerin – O Line

Crystal, thanks so much for all your help with organizing. I think we made some magic here.


#25: Alyssa Quinney – Receiver

Alyssa, I am glad we got you in. This photo is super sweet, despite gassing you out of my house with the fog…


#13: Annie Tremblay – Linebacker

Annie, I am so glad I met you. You have such a positive energy around you all the time and were so fun to work with. I hope I get to shoot you again some day!


#21: Erin Walton – Quarterback

Erin, you are probably one of the nicest, most supportive people I have ever met, yet, you look so BADASS in this photo!


#55: Venessa Stuppard – O Line

Venessa, I am so glad this photo worked out. HA! Thanks for your patience and being a total pro, like you have done this a million times.

To all of you ladies and the coaches: Thank you for your time, talent, patience and most of all, your support. I had a blast with these photos, I learned a lot and gained a crazy amount of respect for all of you. Hopefully I will see you all out on the field next season!

4 thoughts on “The Women of the Calgary Rage

  1. One word cannot describe how amazing these portraits are. This superlative portfolio helps to shed the light on remarkable heroes in women’s sports. The only thing more impressive than these photos is the photographer took them. Candice, keep shattering those barriers 🙂

  2. Candice! There are no words that can express how grateful I am that you were there to capture my very first TD! When I first saw that picture my jaw dropped and my heart melted. It was like I had re-lived that feeling from my game. I cannot say THANK YOU enough! It was an honour to work with you and to meet you! The portraits you got of me are nothing short of amazing! I show them off any chance I get and tell everyone who the person was behind the lens. Thanks for everything!

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