Real Women Real Football

I am very lucky to work with an organization like the Calgary Rage Women’s Tackle Football Team. Not only are the women on this team strong, determined women, they are also really fun, and interesting women. For this year’s portraits,  I decided to take a different approach and showcase the uniqueness of each player and a bit about them as individuals off the field, but how they remain united under the Rage name and love of football.

#3  Esther, Wide Receiver 

Esther is the first up because without her, these photos would not have happened. Not only did she act as an assistant on many of the shoots (or my voice activated light stand), she also did a lot of the leg work in getting clearance and lining up players. So thank you Esther!

Esther is a graphic designer and is also one of the most athletic people I know. She is always training or playing some sport. She also rides a bike. While she does not usually wear football gear on her bike, I think it makes her look more tough.





#4 Jen, Wide Receiver

Off the field, Jen is a project engineer who has a very long list of active hobbies, including playing hockey, golfing, rock climbing, baseball, learning to play guitar/piano, and of course, long boarding.


#7 Tatrina (T), Safety

T is a surface land analyst and also a farm wife. She is a wife and mother and loves spending time with her friend Nacho. This shoot was one of my favourites and most challenging. It was raining out and Nacho is not a fan of the rain, and neither is my gear. Regardless, I think Nacho enjoyed being in front of the camera with such a pretty woman.





And of course, I had to include a photo of what it is like to work with an ass…


#9 Ferne, Tight End

Another shoot with a live animal. Ferne is an immigration consultant and puppy mom to her boy Myles. Myles is such a well behaved boy and I can see why Ferne loves him so much. She even takes him to see Santa every year and get his photos done. So basically, he was already a pro when I took his photo.



#12 Lisa, Running Back

Lisa is a project administrator off the field. She is also the canvas to some great body art, that she even lists it as a hobby. Seemed only natural to shoot her with her artist (thanks to Enso Tattoo on 17th avenue).





#22 Amanda, Defensive Back – Corner

Amanda is a strategic sourcing expeditor off the field, but has a number of different hobbies, including MMA. She was the first one I shot, but yet the last one to see her photos. Sorry Amanda, save the best for last?!






#23 Susie, Linebacker

Gas analyst Susie is also a mother of three very active children. I guess they take after her.





Extra Images:

Of course I had to say yes when Jevon asked me to shoot a couple or extra photos of him after we were done. When is super famous, I can show these off again!




#24 Jordan, Lineback

Jordan has recently graduated and is now a library technician.  Shooting in a library was interesting as all the direction given to Jordan was just hand motions and we shot very quickly and packed up very quietly.




#25 Alyssa, Defensive Back

Alyssa is a web developer/designer/illustrator. When she listed her hobbies to me, she said, “I take life drawing classes where we sit and draw naked people for 3 hours (that would be hilarious in a photoshoot but I dunno how possible that is). ” Guess what, it was possible… (and thanks to my model on this!)



#50 Sandy, Defensive End

Sandy works as an office administrator, but is also an avid film maker. Too bad she is always on the field, otherwise I am sure she would be making some amazing Rage films!




#88 Pam, Slot/Wide Receiver (and cheerleader, kidding)

Off the field, Pam is a employee with Alberta Health Services, a hairstylist on the side, and mother to her handsome man Malik. With great hair like Malik’s, this was the obvious choice for the shoot.




Again, thank you to all the women of the Rage who stepped up to take part in this and my crazy ideas. I love working with you all and hope we can make magic again next season!

2 thoughts on “Real Women Real Football

  1. LOVE working with you Candice!! This is freaking amazing stuff right here!! =.) Anytime you need a voice activated stand I’m there!! (as long as I don’t have a game or something LOL)

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