Farm Family Photos

Over the long weekend, I was back in Bonnyville, AB  for my family reunion. While I was home, I had a large portion of my lighting equipment with me and thought it would be a great opportunity to take some portraits. I am pretty familiar with the landscape there, since I did spend more than 20 combined years of my life in the area, so I knew what types of BACKGROUNDS I was would be working with. The best and most surprising part for me was that I was actually very familiar with the subjects as well. I NEVER thought my family would EVER agree to these photos, but I am beyond thrilled and honoured that they went along with my crazy ideas and let me do this.

Uncle Stephen:

We ambushed this little turkey into his photo shoot, but he played along great and I can actually hear his laugh in these.

UncleStephen2 UncleStephen5 UncleStephen4

UncleStephen1EXTRA: While I was messing around with the light, he was teasing the cat. He joked that it was just to mess with his son-in-law Tim (whose cat it is).

UncleStephen3Uncle Leonard:

I was actually taking photos of a friend by this wood pile when my uncle was walking his new dog (my aunt’s dog). I told him I wanted to take his photo and he did not seem too thrilled with me. I was surprised when he actually walked over and sat down. I shot four frames, but I really did not need to shoot more than that as this moment was perfect.


I almost died of shock when my mom did not even put up a fight when I said I wanted to take her photo as well. Since all the siblings were actually around, I told her that I wanted to do all their photos and make trading cards. I put her in the farm house next to the books since my mom loves to read.

MomAuntie Connie:

Auntie Connie seems to be up for anything. No fight, no hesitation, she just said, “Sure. Where do you want me?”. That is my favourite kind of subject. I put her by the wash basin in the front because it is something I will always remember about this old house and coming in and washing up before tea (something both my aunt and I enjoy).

AuntieConnieUncle Elton:

Uncle Elton was hiding from me this morning. I had to hunt him down while luging all my gear around over my shoulder. I looked crazy. But once I found him, he let me take it, but I knew I had to be quick. While this frame is definitely my uncle, as soon as I put the camera down and said he was done, he giggled his signature uncle Elton giggle. I guess I will keep that part of him a secret. HA!

UncleEltonThanks to my family for letting me do this. I promise I will not make you do this again. Well at least for the rest of the year.

6 thoughts on “Farm Family Photos

  1. Awesome job Candice!! You did a fantastic job of getting them all in the right settings! I could actually hear the giggles too!

  2. I love the photos, Candice! I think you have captured an open honesty and the ease in which that generation moves in their home environment. And your Mom looks to me the way she always did when she wasn’t in her own comfortable kitchen. I would have loved to have seen you all. All the best, Cheryl.

  3. As always, you capture the best in your subjects!! I love the candid one of your Uncle Stephen… There’s a joke in there somewhere about welding the arse on a cat… Hahaha

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