A Bunch of Beardo’s

I have a special place in my heart for the Chornohos family. Not only have they been great friends, but also family at times. Especially Jamie and Ryan. Over the last year or so, these two have grown spectacular beards, both of which needed to be photographed.

I shot Jamie’s first in 2013. He had just come home from travelling the world and still had his glorious beard.

Jamie9 Jamie8 Jamie6 Jamie2Jamie3

Over the August long weekend, I finally got to take a photo of Ryan’s beautiful beard. I called and said, “Wear flannel and bring an axe.” These are the regular types of instructions people get from me.

Ryan6 Ryan4 Ryan1 Ryan11 Ryan7

And of course he went and ate a whole cup of nacho cheese from 7-11 right after these photos. Thya is a lucky woman to be marrying this man. HA!

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