Guest Post: Calgary Stampeders Rob Maver’s Day with the Grey Cup

You all probably know Grey Cup champion Rob Maver by his ability to kick a football and survive a hit from a 265lbs defensive end, but what you don’t know, is that off the field, the Calgary Stampeders punter likes to just kick it at home with his pup Chase, watch TV, and eat…a lot. So for his day with the Grey Cup, he choose to spend it the same way he would spend every other day. But instead of me telling you how he spent his day, I am going to hand my blog over to him…

My Day With Mr. Earl Grey – by Rob Maver

I’ve walked up to my locker hundreds of times throughout the course of my career and have been greeted by many items in it: new cleats, new sweats and even my helmet and shoulder pads wrapped in tape. Never before though had I been greeted by a trophy representing a professional football championship. Growing up I had envisioned my own locker with a CFL team. Not once had I ever dreamed of the Grey Cup sitting in said locker. A surreal image to say the least.

Knowing that my friend-for-a-day turns one hundred and six this year I figured it was best we enjoyed a low-key day. December was especially tiring on him touring several bars while being used as both shot and pint glasses, and occasionally a champagne flute. Also in an effort to get to know each other better I figured it would be best to give him a taste of the life of a man who so proudly hoisted him only a few short weeks ago. Right now that man wanted breakfast… Maver_1b After a quick trip to the Co-op and ride home we sat down in my dining room. I suggested we share a bowl of Cornish Flakes; nothing too heavy as to not disrupt his delicate lining. I’m guessing I spilled some milk or cereal on him as he became agitated and began to suggest some not so nice things, one of which was that I looked ridiculous with a beard coming in. I leaned over and looked in his shiny face to see my reflection. He was right- it was time for a shave.Maver_2a After a walk at the dog park and playing fetch with Chase, my dog, we worked up another appetite. Wanting to impress my new friend I began to show off a new recipe I learned while watching The Food Network. It must have been awful since after one bite he spat it up and demanded we went out for proper food. Maver_3b After looking through the menu at the restaurant we agreed to share a pizza. Maver_6b For somebody who has been out as much he has he is a surprisingly messy eater. I had to wipe him down several times throughout the course of the meal. Sloppy eating aside though, he did draw a crowd and entertained many of the restaurant’s patrons. Many confused people mistook him for the Stanley Cup, despite being in the middle of the NHL season…and in Calgary. After posing for a few pictures he’d had enough and wanted to head home.Maver_5a Like myself, turns out Mr. Grey is a fan of many HBO shows. After debating which was best we both agreed it was Entourage. Maver_6a Two seasons later of Vinny Chase and Ari we both were pretty tired- time for bed. As we dozed off I told him how much fun I’d had throughout the day and how I’d love to hang out again, perhaps at the end of this coming November. He turned and said there’s no telling when we could hang out again, though he does like Calgary and hopes to return soon. I really hope he does! Maver_7bA

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