I play tackle football because…

This year’s portrait project with the Calgary Rage Women’s Tackle Football team is a lot different then I have done in the past. This year, I wanted to capture this women a little more natural and realistic to how they look after they play. These photos were all shot right after their rainy home opener win over the Edmonton Storm on the May long weekend. When I say right after, I mean, still in their gear, sweaty and not made up. Many still had helmet hair, impressions of the helmet on their foreheads and swollen hands from making big plays. Each one of the these women exude an impressive level of confidence and it really shows through their photos. Each player was also asked to include the reason why they play tackle football. I play tackle football because… 3Esther 4Shae-Lyn 5Holly 6Lindsay 9Ferne 14Ashley 21Erin 22Amanda 23Kyla 25Jenna 28Lesley 34Michelle 51ConnieW 55Venessa 62Lauren 65Robyn 66Janet 67Meghan 88PamThank you to all 19 of you. I am extremely happy how these turned out and I appreciate you all for going along with my ideas year after year.

6 thoughts on “I play tackle football because…

  1. Wow, what a page! Tremendous photographs Candice, I feel like you really captured something there. And as for you players, what can I say inspirational! Also, that was a gut-check win on Saturday, you should be proud of yourselves!

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