Pre Game

I have always been a fan of locker room photos, not because I am a creep, but because it is access. Access to seeing the team off the field in a way that completes the story – in a way that ticket holders can’t see them in. The Calgary Rage have been asking me to shoot some pre game photos in the locker room for awhile now and I finally got some time on Saturday. Here are some of the images of the team before their game against the Lethbridge Steel on Saturday, June 6 (which they won 34-14).

Game2_Rage022 Game2_Rage025 Game2_Rage026 Game2_Rage029 Game2_Rage032 Game2_Rage038b Game2_Rage043 Game2_Rage045 Game2_Rage048 Game2_Rage050 Game2_Rage053 Game2_Rage054 Game2_Rage057 Game2_Rage059 Game2_Rage060 Game2_Rage065 Game2_Rage067 Game2_Rage072 Game2_Rage075 Game2_Rage080 Game2_Rage082 Game2_Rage086 Game2_Rage095 Game2_Rage097 Game2_Rage102 Game2_Rage103 Game2_Rage105 Game2_Rage115 Game2_Rage116 Game2_Rage118 Game2_Rage122 Game2_Rage124 Game2_Rage127Game2_Rage132b Game2_Rage133Game2_Rage142 Game2_Rage144

Tech notes: I shot all of these on my Nikon D4s, with a 24-70mm f/2.8. Most are shot at a 4000 ISO at 2.8. I went with black and white because of the variety of distracting colours in the room and not for quality reasons. Everything still looked great colourless and grain with the D4s and could have stayed in colour.

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