Helping Juno

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who helped out with this. All items have been selected and Juno is now able to get the care she needs. From the bottom of my heart – thank you. Thank you to all of you who donated money, items and words of support. Not having to worry about the financial part of her care really helps me to focus on her physical health. You are all the best. I appreciate all of it more than you will ever know.

Want to help me help Juno?

As many of you know, Juno has been my best friend for 7.5 years. She has supported me through bad injuries and long recoveries, my mom’s death, THE breakup, and is currently keeping me sane through this garbage. She is the rock to my mental and physical health.

Recently, Juno has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that is attacking the balance part of her brain. I noticed one day she was swaying a lot and acting super weird – but not her usual funny weird. The prognosis is good and she is responding fairly well to treatment, but it has been VERY expensive. While I do have insurance for her – it maxed out in the first appointment. With the sports industry basically at a standstill, I am having a difficult time supporting her and making sure she gets what she needs to return to being the sassy weim she is known for.

Since this time has been tough on everyone, I am not the type of person to ask for something for nothing. So with the help of a lot of my wonderful small business friends and artists from around the city (and country) I have put together a fundraiser with a number of items available.

**Draws will take place LIVE (via Facebook Live) on Thursday December 10 at 7 p.m. MST **


For a $10 donation – I will put your name in for one of the packages listed in the photos.

Donations can be sent via etransfer to my email at with the password Juno2020. DO NOT PUT THE PASSWORD IN THE SECURITY QUESTION (it will not let me deposit).

Please let me know which package you would like your name put in for (by letter). In the notes – please put your full name and which package you want an entry for.

FOR PACKAGES A to H – Calgary pick up and delivery ONLY. Prints I to R can be shipped anywhere in Canada.

Package A: The Active Package


-(1) one-hour personal training session with a trainer from The ALFA Project (Athletes Learning From Athletes) at Vision Sports Centre (some COVID-19 restrictions may apply)

-(1) ALFA Project hoodie (size men’s L)

-(1) ALFA Project t-shirt (size men’s L)

-(1) one-month online Zoom yoga membership with Melody Young Yoga

*limit to 40 entries total. 1 in 40 possibility.

Package B: The Fight Package


-(1) one-hour private boxing lesson with coach Jared Velasquez of Amplified Athletics (based out of Vision Sports Centre). *

-(1) week membership to Amplified Athletics classes (COVID-19 restrictions apply

-(1) pair of Hayabusa gloves (donated by The Classic Fight Shop $70)

-(1) pair of Hayabusa hand wraps (teal)

*limit of 40 entries. 1 of 40 possibility

Package C: The Recovery Package (value of $200 combined)*

-(1) 90- minute hot stone deep tissue massage – donated by Fortius Rehabilitation Systems

-(1) one-month online Zoom yoga membership with Melody Young Yoga

*limit of 40 entries total. 1 of 40 possibility

Package D: The Creator Package – SOLD OUT!

-(1) pair of Savage Rose feather earrings (as pictured – but colours may be customized)

– Donation from Justine Ma Designs: (1) “I want to jungle your bells” mug; (1) Ugly Sweater tree ornament; (1) A Very Covid Christmas ornament

-(1) handmade large leather bag – donated by Xof

-(1) handmade wooden box – donated by Xof

*limit to 40 entries total. 1 in 40 possibility.

Package E: The Olympian Package

-(1) Bauer hockey stick donated by Olympic silver medallist Brigette Lacquette from Team Canada Women’s Hockey team.

-(1) 8×10 print of Brigette using the stick! – taken by me.

*limit to 40 entries total. 1 in 40 possibility.

Package F: The Fly Package

-(1) large drawing of an awesome fly. Not sure on the size exactly – will have to measure. (Donated by Cindy Ward).

*limit to 30 entries total. 1 in 30 possibility.

Package G: The Grasshopper Package SOLD OUT!

-(1) large drawing of a grasshopper that you can donate back to me because I love it. Donated by Cindy Ward

*limit to 30 entries total. 1 in 30 possibility.

PRINTS: (all 8×10 and unframed – unless otherwise noted):

All of these items can be shipped across Canada.

Print H: Bo Levi Mitchell 1 – signed (to a max of 15 entries only. 1 in 15 possibility)

Print I: Bo Levi Mitchell 2 – signed (to a max of 15 entries only. 1 in 15 possibility)

Print J: Bo Levi Mitchell 3 – signed (to a max of 25 entries only. 1 in 25 possibility)

Print K: Kamar Jorden -signed (to a max of 30 entries. 1 in 15 possibility – 2 prints to giveaway)

Print L: Leah Hennel Print – 14×9 (to a max of 25 entries only. 1 in 25 possibility)

Print M: Leah Hennel Print 2 – 8×13 (to a max of 15 entries only. 1 in 15 possibility

Print N: Mike Drew Print 1 – to a max of 15 entries only. 1 in 15 possibility

Print O: Mike Drew Print 2 – to a max of 15 entries only. 1 in 15 possibility

Print P: Dakota Krebs 1 – signed to a max of 10 entries only. 1 in 10 possibility

Print Q: Dakota Krebs 2 – 5X7- signed to a max of 5 entries only. 1 in 5 possibility (just one image – not two as pictured) – SOLD OUT

Print R: Juno Grey Cup – signed by Juno (to a max of 5 entries only. 1 in 5 possibility)

Print S: Smores – a handsome young rooster that used to stroll around my cousin’s farm. Photo taken by me. 1 in 10 possibility.


Package T: The Photo Package (value $300)– SOLD OUT!

-(1) one-hour photoshoot with me! (Some restrictions will apply – no newborn shoots unless it is a newborn puppy).

Shoot will be scheduled with Covid-19 restrictions in place. No studio photography will be booked at this time. Shoots will only take place within city limits and will be subject to availability.

Package U – The Mentor Package – FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS ONLY (value priceless…HA!)

This is for the people who are already interested photography and are looking for advice into getting into as a career. Advice will include portfolio reviews and industry tips for the sports industry.

-(2) 30-minute online mentorship session with me. I will review portfolios or give industry advice.

*limit of 20 entries total. 1 of 10 possibility. 2 individual sessions available.

Money received will be put towards her current $7,500 vet bill and future chemo treatments ($450/treatment which she needs at least 6 treatments within the next year) and medication which is about $150/month.

For those who are not interested in donating or can’t – well wishes for her recovery are also welcome! And also, please check out some of these amazing small businesses who have generously donated to this and consider doing some of your holiday shopping with them!

Also, stay tuned for more ways to support my small business during the holidays. Please feel free to reach out with and questions. Thanks in advance!

See list below:

Fortius Rehabilitation Systems: ( Insta: fortiusrehab)

The ALFA Project: ( Insta: @the_alfa_project)

Melody Young Yoga: ( Facebook: Melody Young -Yoga)

Classic Fight Shop: ( Insta: @classicfightshop)

Savage Rose Earrings ( Insta: @ms_savagerose )

Amplified Athletics ( Insta: @amplifiedathletics )

Justine Ma Designs: ( Insta: @justinemadesigns)

Brigette Lacquette(Insta @briglacquette)

Prints by:

Mike Drew (Insta: @mikedrewphoto)

Leah Hennel ( Insta: @leahhennelphoto )

Cindy Ward (Insta: @cawartist)

Candice Ward (Insta: @candicewardphotography )

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