“I Play for Fun” – Part 10

I know it may appear like I can’t count and I know that these photos will look nothing like Todd, but I am skipping ahead. I make the rules of this blog. I had to blog these photos of Krista right away, because I am really happy with the way they turned out and a lot of people have been asking how I did them, so I figure I will share that info all at once.


Unlike most of the subjects in this practice project, I actually don’t play a sport with Krista. I have known Krista for almost five years through Metro. On my very first day as an intern at Metro, she was my boss (editor had the day off). I instantly loved working with Krista and she is still great to work with to this day (although she is over at another news outlet now).

I always knew that Krista played hockey and that she was a goalie, and judging by her work demeanour, I know that she is not an intense, mean goalie. She is the type of person who keeps her cool in any situation and that is what I wanted to get across in her photo.

Here are a few of the photos we took that day:

This first photo is technically my favourite. I mean, lighting and photoshopping. I feel like all the elements came together just right to make this photo. I did not photoshop out any shadows on her face. I pointed a silver beauty-dish as direct as I could to avoid shadows from the mask.

This action photo was a little funny. I discovered, I am not great at throwing with my left and trying to shoot with my right. I think it would have been a little easier on both Krista and I, if I had had an assistant.

From a lighting standpoint, I could have brought the back lights down a bit to darken up the background.

Another challenge I found was how to pose a smiling goalie. They have so much great stuff going on. All the great props, and it was hard to more make it a little overwhelming. I like this photo, even though we had a hard time getting her to hold the helmet straight while wearing a glove and a blocker.

Krista is not a huge fan of the photo above, but I think she looks tough.


All of these photos were done with the same light set up. I used three lights. Two pointing towards the back/side of the subject and a light with a beauty-dish up front. The back lights were brighter than the front.

Processing, I basically just opened the jpg (I shot both jpg and RAW), duplicate the layer, desaturate it, add a hard light or soft light layer overlay, then high pass filter (between 100-200), flatten and do again. Then desaturate the reds. No particular formula with settings, just eye-balled it. I did not add any unsharp mask or smart sharpen.

Again, I am open to suggestions on how to improve in anyway, so feel free to send suggestions to info@candiceward.ca.

Please feel free to comment below, but please respect the athletes in your comments as they volunteered to help.

Up Next: ? I have no one booked yet, but still have some other athletes to blog about from other shoots. 

3 thoughts on ““I Play for Fun” – Part 10

  1. You’re amazingly talented! Today I had an art director at a marketing firm I know tell me he knows a good photo when he see’s one and said these are great – he said you should enter them into a contest – the first one especially – his words not mine!

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